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I was recently sent a MAYBELLINE Superstay 24 Voxbox to try and review two lip colors. If you don't know what a Voxbox is, it's a box sent out by Influenster, a beauty community, where a group of members are chosen by a survey to receive a box containing items free to try and review. You're chosen mainly to receive items that are similar to your profile. View my previous CoverGirl Voxbox review here

The Maybelline voxbox I received contained two Super Stay 24 longwearing lip colors in 025 keep up the flame (a red color) and 136 constant toast (a nude color).

In the packaging it states that these longwear lip colors won't cake, dry, flake or fade thanks to the Microflex technology that leaves lips feeling fresh through 24 hours of wear!
They are also said to be anti-transfer, life-proof through 200 bites, 100 sips and countless kissing!!! Okkkkk!

They come in a clear, plastic box which can come in handy when you're trying to choose a color to buy. The lip color itself comes with 2 sides; one side contains the lip color and the other an ultra-conditioning balm. This actually comes in handy when carrying around and you don't need both a color and separate balm.

Ok, the application of these is may seem more complicated compared to others, but it's pretty simple and dummy proof. First, apply the color to clean lips, wait 2 minutes to dry, then add the connecting balm to seal moisture! Simple! You also reapply the balm as needed.
When I tried this to my lips, it applied surprisingly pigmented, 025 color was a bit more pigmented and vibrant than the 136 color but overall the pigmentation was good. The color 025 keep the flame is a very vibrant red, wearable by many skin tones while the color 136 constant toast is a light, pinky, nude color with bits of shimmer in it. This shade is wearable by a lot of skin tones but darker skin tones may need to use a lip liner with it. 
The lip colors also apply shiny and glossy initially, but after the recommended 2 minutes, they do dry into a more satiny, still vibrant texture but your lips do feel VERY DRY. That's where putting the conditioning balm on top comes in handy, and yes, this balm did moisturize my lips.
I did not wear these lip colors an entire 24 hours, but I tried them for a couple of hours and during a long night and it did hold up though at times it did feel a bit sticky, but that's probably because I ate!

After initial application
Left: 025 Right:134

After 2 minute drying, 025 was still a little wet on top, 134 was completely dry

After completely drying and I rubbed my fingers across them

After rubbing them with water
Sidenote: I left these swatches on the whole day and they didn't move until I used oil to remove them at the end of the day.

Once it's time to remove, make sure to use an oil based makeup remover. That's the part I'd missed, I used regular makeup remover and the color wasn't coming completely off so I looked back at the instructions and fixed this. So the color really sticks on your lips!

These Maybelline super stay 24 lip colors come in 30 different shades suitable for different skin tones and are carried at major stores that carry Maybelline, is currently carrying it for $7.15 here.

The colors are pigmented and easy to apply
Does not ry out lips
Long lasting
Accessible/ Easy to find

When placing the balm on top, it gets stained by the lip color
If you're i a hurry 2 minutes to dry may disturb you
It's not a one step process
Removing more vibrant colors takes more time
PS: MAKE SURE YOUR LIPS ARE SMOOTH OR YOU'VE USED A LIP SCRUB BEFORE APPLYING THESE. The lip color will dry in cracks and be harder to remove.

I'd recommend the super stay 24 lip colors to those who work long hours or people who do not have time to keep re applying lipstick like air hostesses and busy mothers.

Hope this review is helpful.
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