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Picture from decoholic: Juliettes Interiors here
Welcome guys to another installation of #fabspo where I share with you some of my favorite pictures I come across of fabulous stuff! Today I will be focusing on Glamorous "glam" bedrooms, mainly master bedrooms!!!
I've been looking to spruce up my room and this is more like a vision/inspiration board or post on some of my faves glamorous bedrooms!
PS: Most of these pictures are from pinterest & tumblr and are not mine! Mainly for inspiration purposes!! Some are tagged.

Pictures from Casa & Decor here 
I love the room in the above 2 pictures mainly for the mirrors, mirrored furniture and simple/ plain color variety! There is NO way you can go wrong with mirrors/ mirrored furniture in a room, it brings the extra glamour to any space!

Picture from This is glamorous
The work of Toronto-based interior design firm, The Design Co 
Picture from This is glamorous
I love how bright the above room is! Using a lot of white is a great way to bring a lot of light into your room and adding hints of neutrals brings the extra glamour!! And don't forget the ever favorite tufted additions!

Picture from decorpad here
Picture from decorpad here
This is probably one of my most favorite glamorous rooms I've come across the net! Though it's in a dark space, the overall outcome has a lot of light plus another trick for that extra glamour is adding mirrors on each bedside!

Picture from K. Michelle instagram here
 Tufted X champagne glamour! Need I say more!!!!

Picture from tumblr here
 Another way to add the glamour to a bedroom is glamming up your vanity! Don't neglect it!!!! Adding some simple flowers, real or not, a candle, lamp etc but keeping it simple and decluttered makes a huge difference!

Picture from tumblr here
Picture from interior123 instagram here

Hope you got some inspo on how to turn your room from drab to glamorous from this post! Till next time.....

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