10:17:00 PM

Hey guys, so this week I decided to change up my shoe storage as I had been wanting to for ages and join the rank of those with celebrity-inspired shoe shelves! So I bought and put together this shelf all on my own (a plain bookshelf from walmart less than $30) and trust me it wasn't as easy as it looked when I had just bought it and assembled it on my own!! Let's just say, shoes were being used as hammers!!!

Anyways I am sooooo glad I did it and cannot wait to get another one since not all my shoes fit but it was a pretty decent size. It fit about 4 pairs per row and has 5 shelves not including on top of the shelf!! So I feel like I deserve a pat on the back!!!!!



So this is what it looks like now, I still have some shoes coming in the mail so I will color coordinate when they get here and yes, I put one shelf in the wrong direction but I cannot bother taking it down to fix it, I'll probably just paint over it or just live with it LOL!!!

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