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Hey guys, I've been seeing a lot of people do this tag on youtube so I decided to do a blog version!! Basically it's a twist on the original tag where you now have to pick the your most used items of this summer!!!
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1. Most worn nail polish: 
Essie "Bikini So Teeny" and China Glaze "For  Audrey"

2. Most worn accessory: 
H&M rose gold collar necklace, BCBG "DREAM" affirmation bracelet and random bead bracelet.

3. Most worn shoes
Black strappy sandals from boutique by my house, worn everyday practically (JustFab has the same exact ones) and on special occassion Shodazzle pink platform heels (no longer available)

4. Most worn clothing item:
Forever 21 bright yellow sheer blouse

5. Most worn bag
Aldo Leopard print bag

6. Most worn perfume/ Scent
I really ditched my perfumes in summer and always had these in my bag. Gorgeous body mist by Victoria's Secret, I wish I had picked up more cause I'm almost out and Pure Seduction Luminizing body lotion (fave VS scent) it gives you the perfect glow.

7. Most worn lip product:
Revlon lip butter in Sweet Tart and MAC Ruby Woo lipstick

8. Most worn Mascara
L'oreal voluminous mascara in Carbon Black (my staple mascara) and my first waterproof mascara L'oreal False lashes waterproof mascara, accidentally picked this up but it works really well.

9. Most worn blush and/or bronzer
NARS albatross blush/ highlighter and CoverGirl Queen bronzer in Ebony bronze. This combination gives a great bronzed summer look without using colored blush.

10. Most worn eyeshadow:
Forgot to take the pictures: MAC "Parfait Amore" and "Fig. 1" gives a great purple eye combination. 

11. Most worn Foundation:
MAC Mineralized Skin Finish Natural for an everyday look and Mary Kay timewise matte-wear liquid foundation for those special occasions when I needed extra coverage (yes I gave the Make Up Forever HD foundation a break)

12. Most worn hair product:
These products I always use in my hair
Macadamia Oil nourishing leave in conditioner
Cantu cream shampoo
Extra Virgin Olive oil (yes you read right, one of the best discoveries for hair mix with other products, use pre-shampoo or rub in hair ends, this is a life saver!!!) 

Well those are my most worn, what are yours??

I tag: Ashley (ashleythefashionguru), Mutinta (, Ashley (summerxkim), Lindaki (ibelieveinpinklife), Doreen (fashionsensekenya), Diana (mcnerdy92) and everyone else............


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  1. Love it:)))) I'll post my version later! Dunno how to tag ppl though, lol

    Let me know how much u loved the smootie ;)

    1. Yes! Let me know when you do the tag!! I wasn't too sure either how to tag so I just linked everyone's pages!!! :)

  2. i just saw this now, whoops, thanks for tagging me. i will do my version next week when im not that busy xx

    p.s love the shoes and nail polish


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