First LUSH haul!!!! Plus initial review.....

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Hey guys, so I've always wanted to try out Lush products and since I'm a beauty junkie, I knew that they would be perfect for me!! I am very particular on what I put on my face and their products are fresh, handmade and natural. I got mine from the Lush counter in Macys. And I love the packaging, it just gives it this organic feel.

First of all, the service was amazing!!!!! Being that I got to the counter minutes before the store was to close, the people at the counter were very helpful, they took time in demonstrating and explaining each item they were recommending to me (I told them I had really oily skin).

So these were the four products I tried geared mainly to oily skin:
  • Tea Tree Water: It's an alcohol-free toner that fights blackheads, spots and excess oil.  The antiseptic tea tree oil clears out blemish causing bacteria, while grapefruit and juniper water balance oil production. Spritz your face with Tea Tree water throughout the day to refresh and keep oil under control.
  • Dark Angels cleanser: Soft black scrub that fights blemishes, breakouts and blocked pores all which can easily occur in oily skin. It contains powdered charcoal, black sugar, avocado oil, sandalwood and rosewood oils.
  • Herbalism (sample size): Meant to decongest blocked pores.
  • Vanishing cream (sample size): contains witch hazel to banish blemishes and pore tightening, balancing lavender absolute and grape seed oil to soften.

Initial Review:
  • Tea tree water: I have been looking for a product like this and was considering buying MAC Fix+ or the Evian spray water, but this one is a toner!! I had sort of gone off toners because the alcohol in them tends to be very harsh (then I discovered witch hazel which works great!) but this has tea tree and is alcohol free which is great for those with oily skin. I spray this after getting ready in the morning, during the day to refresh or for hydration or before the gym (clean face with witch hazel, moisturize and spray this so I don't clog my pores at the gym). I absolutely love this product, it doesn't put any extra shiny-ness to my skin and also sets makeup well.
  • Dark Angels cleanser: This has to be my fave!!!! While most people would think, why put charcoal on my face, it only sounds reasonable to me! Known as "The Ultimate Grime Fighter" this product does what it says!! Unlike other traditional cleansers, it doesn't lather up which I surprisingly like!! All you need is a pea size amount in your palm, mix it with warm water and  rub onto your face as you normally would (of course don't get it in your eyes). It has an exfoliating feel (the black sugar) and doesn't really have a smell unless you count the charcoal. I love how this makes my face feel, it really takes away any greasy feeling. And even after walking outside in this heat I didn't get oily as I usually do!!
  • Herbalism: I was unsure whether to grab this or the Dark Angels because they were both recommended to me but they are really similar just that Herbalism is a stronger exfoliant on the skin but that's probably because it is aimed at decongesting pores. I use this when I feel like my pores are really clogged and need to be purged.
  • Vanishing cream moisturizer: This I really love!!! I am really big on moisturizing because it is key for oily skin!!! I also love that this has witch hazel which is a beauty fave for me!! This product moisturizes the skin and feels really light but not pore clogging. I really loved that after I washed, moisturized and applied my tea tree water, my face did not get oily for the rest of the day which is very interesting and new for me. 
Overall I am really loving the Lush products and definitely going to try more. I also love that they give you great sized samples for products you want to try more. Next I am definitely getting the amazing lip scrubs.

 I will definitely keep using these products and see how they work with my skin over a period of time and give you guys a later review. I also want to purchase the full size of the vanishing cream but I'm not sure yet if it's worth the $39.50 yikes!!! or wheter I should try one from Clarins or Korres!!! HHMMMM

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