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When the fashion gods come together and create some of the most exciting fashion moments of the year!!!!! The H&M x BALMAIN collaboration has some of the best, exquisite pieces in the past H&M's collections

Spotted on top models like Jourdann Dunn, Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner to reality star Kylie Jenner, it features stunning pieces with great beading and structure and is no wonder a lot of pieces are not your norm H&M pricing range.

Price: $549
The collection hits stores on November 5th and don't let the high prices fool you, these items are going to sell fast!

I have put together a collection of some of my favorite items from the collection (not the entire collection) so you can be ready when the collection is out!

Kendall Jenner x Gigi Hadid for H&M x BALMAIN

Price: 549

 Price: $34.99

Price $24.99

Price: $129

Price: $99

Price $499

Price: $199

Price: $299

Price: $149

Price $129

Price: $649

Price: $129

Price: $99

Price: $129

Price: $299

Hope you enjoyed the collection and have your eye on some of these items!!!

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