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Hey guys, so if you follow the fashion/ beauty/ blog world, you already know how common these monthly sites have become! Initially I was not a fan plus the thought of money being taken each month straight from my account was not that appetizing plus the shoes did not look really worth it!

...... Then things changed, I shoedazzle took away it's monthly policy and I ordered from them and realized it wasn't so bad but I still hadn't given JustFab a chance, well that was until they started appearing everywhere on youtube and blogs!!! I still didn't give in because I didn't like the monthly thing. 

... Then they released the Payson!!! That sold me right there! Ofcourse I don't have the Christian Louboutin mary-jane platforms, I missed out on the Steve Madden replicas and the shoemint one just sold out in an instant!!! So when this design came out at JustFab, I had to jump on it $39.95 is way less than the others were offering!!!

The Payson comes in three colors cream, tangerine and purple. The cream ones are obviously sold out!! From other blogs people said get a size up (which I didn't do) but I advise you to! I usually wear an 8 or 8.5 so I ordered the 8.5 size and because of the almond toe shape, it is a bit restricting but some breaking in will be needed! Otherwise the shoes are great! I know I love my extremely high heels (it's a 6 inch heel with 2 inch platform) but even for those who don't wear really high shoes, these are still great because of the thick platform.

So yes, now I'm a JustFab fan too! Even though I'm going to have to get used to skipping months (they give you the first 5 days of the month to skip), it is still a great deal. 
The cost is $39.95 for VIP members, but if you just want to buy the shoes with no monthly obligation, the shoes cost about $59 or more. There are also a bunch of dupes for some high end brand.
They are also running a promotional discount for first time members (click here) and happy shopping!!!


1. "LAW" bag


4. NIKITA in black and grey (similar to the Payson)

5. CHER (Steve Madden dupes)

Hope you enjoyed the post and review, until next time.....

Take care!!!

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