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6:38:00 PM

Hey guys, I'm back with a new post, had been away for a bit just living life. So I wanted to share with you guys a couple of stuff I've got (not all in one day). I decided to put this in 3 parts: clothes, beauty and jewelry. I'll post the jewelry part later because I am still waiting on a couple of pieces to come it. Any ways hope you like.
High-low dress with tan bustier top (Dots $24.80)

Pattern Maxi dress (Dots $14.80)

Peplum dress with belt (Agaci $32.50)

This is what it looks like on!

Strapless tan dress (Agaci about $35 don't remember)

Mint high-low blouse (store by my house $16.99)

Black and white striped blouse $13.99

Open back, yellow top blouse $16.99

Bright yellow blouse (Forever 21 $13.80)

Black high waist shirt $16.99

Green skirt F21 $9.80

Red belted skirt F21 $12

Hope you liked the haul, I love looking at other people's hauls too.


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  1. All this stuff is really cute. I especially love the first dress. I have yet to find a cute high low dress/skirt. Looks like I need to check out my Dots.

    1. I know! I never thought I'd find anything at Dot's till I saw someone' haul from there so I had to try it. And I'm still on the hunt for some high-low shirts too!!! they're so pretty!!!


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