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All I can say about this designer is WOW!! I am really surprised at how Ruthie Davis is not even more famous than Christian Louboutin or even Giuseppe Zanotti!!! Granted they are all fabulous designers, but the difference with Ruthie Davis is each shoe is a statement piece. They kind of look like shoe architecture! Though these shoes are more expensive than other designer brands, they are still great to look at.

I first noticed the brand when they released the Fall/ Winter 2011 collection of shoes and handbags, they all totally blew me away especially, the booties. The combination of the black with the aqua color was just brilliant.

The shoes from her spring 2012 collection are also extremely gorgeous, with a mixture of bright bold colors and nudes, you cannot go wrong with these.

So if you want a pair of these babies, be prepared to drop anywhere between $800 to $1800. YIKES


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