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7:47:00 PM

Hey guys, so I've been too tired for the past weeks to really blog, but now I'm back and ready to share everything. I'm here to share the third part of my haul, the jewelry!!!
I got a couple of stuff from Forever 21, online and H&M. For those who know the Houston area, we just got our first H&M all the way in Baybrook mall which is a really long drive..... and I only picked up two pieces from there, but I still love them though.....

Leopard print necklace: Aldo $25
Gold necklace: Romwe.com $14.99 (20% off first purchase & free shipping worldwide)
Pink and black necklace: Forever 21
Black, white & gold necklace: ebay $5.45
Long chain necklace: ebay $2.69

(Don't mind  the chipped nails lol!)
Green gemstone ring: ebay $1.80
Gold letter bangle bracelet: ebay $1.97
Rose gold LOVE ring: ebay $1.02

Rose gold bracelet: H&M $6.95
Rose gold cuff necklace: H&M $12.95
Forever 21 stretch blue & black, crystal pyramid bracelet $6.80
Forever 21 gold cuff bracelet: $8.80
Forever21 rose gold clip on earrings: $6.80
Forever 21 pink and gold cuff bracelet : $3.80

Hope you enjoy my hauls, I'm still trying to steadily update my closet so I keep hauling although I know I really shouldn't lol!!!!

Take Care!!!

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