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So neon is everywhere this summer and I know I love trends as much as the next person, but I do not want to look like a walking replica of the 80's!!! A way to pull off trends tastefully and still be able to wear them long after is not over doing it and mainly focusing on accessories or just wearing a few pieces at a time not throwing it all on at once and pairing them with some neutrals!!!
I actually just purchased the above shirt from Agaci but haven't worn it yet. It is a great way to wear neon paired with a neutral color. I wanted to get the neon lime color but instead took the neon orange shirt because I had just bought some green shirts and this would make a better challenge to dress up.
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When I first saw these shoes online, I was a little bit skeptical of how they looked, I felt like it would be too much, but when I saw pictures of different bloggers wearing the zara neon sandals, I wanted those instead, but when I saw these in the store, they actually looked pretty cute!!! I haven't picked them up yet because I can't buy shoes this week, trting to minimize my shopping addiction grrrrr......
A nice neon watch can brighten up an outfit
Something funky to add to your closet

And last but definitely not least, this wristband I've been eyeing from Asos!! It would make great arm candy, if you're into the whole stacking trend!!

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