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I had been on a hunt for great affordable watches which were both fashionable and not cheap feeling because I am not ready to drop hundreds of dollars for a Michael Kors watch yet. So I came across Geneva watches which I really did not know much about. When I looked more into them, I found alot of great styles which looked alot like the designer brand watches, but for a while I just was not ready to make the plunge and buy one for fear of them being poor quality.
So I eventually caved and ordered one of the cheaper ones from the brand with silicon straps and without a clasp. Let me say for the cheap price ($9.95) Only negative thing is the 3 smaller clocks do not work but I am very pleased with my purchase and will definitely be picking up more. 

These are the ones on my wishlist:

Make sure you check these watches out especially if you are looking for different styles for different seasons!!!

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